The Pocket Rocket, small but mighty!
Lilloo is a 30" class pocket plane (76cm wingspan) with great flying performance
F3f-double carbon spread tow layup , pull nose and plenty of room for ballast
Quick and inexpensive to build with only 2 servos

Conceptual Design

Don't let the size fool you, the Lilloo is a full blown model and flies like one: powerful, extremely maneuverable but still good-natured!

The Lilloo is designed as a classic plank flying wing for slope flying and dynamic soaring (DS).  In slope soaring, it's all about massive pull, crisp turns and lightning-fast rolls. In DS, only the pilot's responsiveness limits the top speed!

Uwe Heuer developed the wing concept and the airfoils according to the latest findings. Performance and handling qualities had to be well balanced with such a model size, in order to be able to utilize the potential on the slope in all conditions. Thanks to the moderate aspect ratio and wide tips, this model size becomeswell controllable. The thin airfoils and aerodynamic design of the fuselage still allows performance that was unthinkable in this model size.
By slowly pulling the elevator to full deflection, only a so called wagstall occurs, which can be used to effectively reduce altitude during the landing approach. Controllability is maintained and a one-sided stall can only be provoked by extremely large control inputs.

The fuselage merges into the fin at the bottom for optimum rudder effect and is streamlined at the front. During hard landings, the wing can shear off the fuselage, thus preventing damage in most cases.


The aerodynamic specifications were implemented in CAD according to "engineering best practice":

  • All airfoils are aerodynamically smoothed
  • The one-piece wing with 76cm span allows an uncomplicated transport in ready-to-fly condition
  • Generous pull-off nose for easy removal and ballastability at the center of gravity
  • The wing is attached to the fuselage with tape on robust tabs
  • Optimized tail geometry for reduced drag and minimized oscillation
  • An absolutely straight hinge line ensures low rudder forces
  • All openings for servos, receiver and batteries are generously sized for easy removal


 Despite the size, we have made no compromises here:

  • Stiff, strong and light wing structure with very stiff flaps.
  • Wing construction as known from F3f - double Carbon Spread-Tow
  • 80g/m² Spread-Tow Carbon, 1mm Rohacell, 50g Biax Carbon
  • Servo cutouts extra reinforced
  • Spars in carbon braided tube
  • Fuselage in 80g/m² Spread-Tow and 93g/m² Carbon
  • Tail in Solidcore construction and Spread-Tow Carbon
  • Pull-off nose 2.4GHz friendly in glass, painted in the mold 


Our models are generally manufactured in clear carbon. The graphic designs are made from Oracal 751 high performance cast films. So you can choose from a wide range of colors and also renew or replace your design later. Oracal 6510 neon colors can also be used to improve visibility. However, the thicker and heavier film is not used on the leading edge, so as not to noticeably affect the aerodynamic performance.
The individual pilot name will be gladly applied as well. We will be happy to advise you on color combinations and send photos in advance if you are unsure.
We recommend high-contrast color combinations and different top and bottom to improve attitude recognition.

Please use the contact form for all kinds of inquiries. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Since OneWing is run as a sideline, the response time can sometimes be longer depending on the workload. We ask for your indulgence and are not angry if you receive a second mail if your patience is overstrained. ;-)

Lilloo in Slope soaring

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